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EnergyPages, the all-in-one content marketing solution for companies in industrial energy efficiency market

Energy efficiency is a fragmented, complex, strongly growing, multi-hundred billion USD market. Company investment decisions are taking place under a high degree of uncertainty with access to relevant information being a key success factor in the market, e.g. about the impact of possible new policies, technical/business model innovations or just available technology, solution provider and prices. At the same time, these market characteristics are also representing a barrier for the tens of thousands of start-ups and SMEs to become visible in the market, to get new customers and potentially also investors.

Our ambition: Connect these two needs, access to relevant information for industrial energy efficiency market actors and visibility in the market place for SMEs and start-ups - to finally contribute to a better functioning of energy efficiency markets.

Our approach: Provide an easy and cheap platform solution for SMEs and start-ups to “present” their solution, innovations, best practices, etc. (the information or content) - the EnergyPages content marketing platform - and a targeted and structured dissemination process to deliver relevant information to right industrial energy efficiency market actors and to link them back to the SMEs and start-ups - via the global energy efficiency network EEIP.

EEIP: Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) is a free, neutral, and open, business & policy platform for industrial energy efficiency.

At its core is the idea that energy efficiency is more than technology, and that market growth can be accelerated through information and best practice exchange. In practice, EEIP network members are coming from organisations of all sizes (from SMEs to multinationals), all industrial sectors (e.g. users, technology and services providers, finance, IT, consultancies, policy) and covering both, the supply and demand side.

Launched at the European Commission in April 2011, EEIP is the first B2PTM ('Business-to-Policy') organisation. Set up as a not-for-profit in order to facilitate open and inclusive dialogue within industry and between industry and EU policy-makers, EEIP is financed by its supporting partners, marketing services (EnergyPages, global B2B content marketing platform for SMEs and start-ups in energy efficiency market), and externally-funded projects.

The key to EEIPs success are our neutrality and our innovative "Go-Where-People-Are" approach (or how Coca-Cola would call it: "in arms length"). Set-up as a decentralized platform, everybody can connect to EEIP wherever and however they want: from website to social media, from newsletter to magazines, from conferences to webinars. Currently (January 2016), EEIP has more than 100.000 network members - and 100 more joining every day!.

EEIP uses communications, engagement and 'best practice' exchange to enable industry and policy to achieve higher energy efficiency and sustainable manufacturing, while, at the same time, enhancing competitiveness for industries - in other words - improving the functioning of energy efficiency markets.

Juergen Ritzek, Business Director, mail: juergen.ritzek[at]energypages.org, tel: +32/(0)486/671.255
Dusan Jakovljevic; Policy Director, mail: dusan.jakovljevic[at]ee-ip.org, tel: +32/(0)484/032.560
Andreas Pauckstadt, Technical Director, mail: andreas.pauckstadt[at]energypages.org, tel: +32/(0)475/912.833

EEIP co-publishes 'Energy Efficiency: Business & Industry' magazine.